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    Lion Cubs Celebrate Upcoming Thanksgiving Holidays in South


    by NTDTelevision

    Koreans observe the traditional harvest festival, called “Chuseok” in Korean, visiting hometowns and sharing traditional food.

    Everland, an amusement park, was also celebrating the upcoming thanksgiving holiday. Three lion cubs wearing traditional Korean costumes were first introduced to the public on Monday.

    The lion cubs, one male and two female, were born at the park’s zoo about 50 days ago.

    [Kim Han-nah, Park Employee]:
    “Three lion cubs were born at Everland. They will observe the Chuseok holiday for the first time in their life and Chuseok is our traditional festival day. So we gave them the chance of wearing our traditional costume and to meet our visitors.”

    Visitors to the park got a chance to get close to the cubs.

    [Jeon Min-kyong, Visitor]:
    "The lion cubs in Korean traditional costume are really cute. When I touched them, they felt soft just like human babies, they are so cute.”

    [Cha Seong-kyeong, Visitor]:
    “The lion cubs look prettier while they are wearing Korean traditional costume.”

    While most people couldn't wait to interact with the animals, some children started to cry when they saw the furry creatures.

    The lion cubs will be welcoming visitors to Everland amusement park until Sunday.