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    Asylum Seekers Hold Protest in Australia Refugee Centre


    by NTDTelevision

    A group of asylum seekers climbed up to the roof of a Sydney detention center on Monday, following the death of a fellow inmate.

    Immigration officials said that a Fijian man died suddenly in tragic circumstances before he was to be deported from Australia. Human rights activists said that the man committed suicide.

    At least five men climbed up to the roof of Villawood detention center following the news, demanding freedom.

    [Sandi Logan, Immigration Spokesperson]:
    "These are not unfortunately matters that we enjoy having to manage but they nonetheless do occur. We're reasonably confident that we will be able to negotiate with this small group of men, we are understand what their concerns are and will work with them and with our case managers to get them down."

    A refugee advocate says the refugees are in an unhealthy mental state.

    [Jamal Daoud, Refugee Advocate]:
    "Their psychologists warned the government that their mental health is deteriorating every day, unless there is an immediate solution for their ordeal."

    The protesters were still on the roof in the evening.