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    Half of Montana is missing; the Great Lakes are disappearing


    by grandrapidshomes

    Heart Work is Hard Work: Griffin Properties Community Events.
    Half of Montana is missing; the Great Lakes are disappearing, and Nevada is gone altogether.
    This is the tired, worn down state- no pun intended- of the United States map at Sigsbee Park located at 1250 Sigsbee Street SE in Grand Rapids.
    On Friday, September 24th, the AmeriCorps team from the American Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids will join forces with Griffin Properties and community volunteers to bring a fresh new look to Sigsbee School Park. Beginning at 3:30 PM, the playground will be buzzing with activity. Fresh cans of paint will be cracked open, and new, clean brushes will be dirtied. An expected fifteen volunteers and staff members will be seen working hard and having fun around the playground.
    Not only will the map be repainted with vibrant colors, but the playground will also be cleaned up. Volunteers and AmeriCorps members alike will come together to pull weeds, paint, scrape, trim bushes, and restore the