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    Typhoon Shuts Down Taiwan


    by NTDTelevision

    A typhoon roars through Taiwan leaving natural and manmade debris in its path.

    Mid-strength Typhoon Fanapi brought wind gusts of up to 198 kilometers-per-hour, forcing the island to virtually shut down.

    Ports and airports were closed, as the government warned that school and work should be suspended.

    Rainfall as much as 305mm in the northeast mountains has forced an estimated six-and-a-half thousand people to evacuate.

    This is Taiwan's most severe storm of 2010, and follows a much larger typhoon in 2009 that left around 700 people dead.

    The storm was expected to engulf Taiwan later on Sunday, before heading to mainland China.

    And here in southeastern China, authorities are expecting the worst.

    In Fujian more than 55,000 fishing boats returned to port, fearing the typhoon's unforgiving winds.

    Beaches in the area were also closed, and nearly 150,000 people evacuated.

    More ships took shelter on Dongshan county, as local authorities provided crews food and places to sleep.

    Typhoons often hit the region in the second half of the year, as they gather strength from warm ocean waters.