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To whoever it may concern I think that an explication is needed for certain passages of this video clip; I will begin by the start:
1st passage: “lift me up “and “let me go” show falls in slow motion, I wanted to create the most possible emotive scene to perceive a feeling of powerlessness
2nd passage: “the scene of the hands”, still with the same lyrics, we focus on 2 characters, The Boy ( Aimen ) The Girl ( Audrey ) who are trying to held their hands while agonizing but in vain, they die.
Their hands who finally held each other are the ones of their souls, no physical touch only spiritual. Then the boy underneath the sparks represents all of Humanity struggling under control, Threaten at any moment by the end of the world provoked by the Man (Music expresses a nuclear pressure of beliefs and the end of the living).
The boy’s picture degrades and then appears religious quotations, respectively extracted from the Koran, Baghavad Ghita and the Bible in which they describe the end of mankinds in an aesthetic manner. It has deeply touched us all and I think it represents music and what it means.
We skip to the scene in which the boy is under a loaded gun referring to the lyrics (God Bless Us Everyone We are Broken People Living under Loaded Guns) then appears a furtive image where we see a floating ball.
The video clip finishes with the boy who grabs the ball giving us a question to think of: Should we support and live under government pressure or fight until our last breath?
The purpose of it all was to represent aesthetically the chaos and I think it’s the most esthetic work we’ve done.
The making of will shortly be available online. I Thank every actors and partners.

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cool! channel!? .. btw check out my pics!! :)
Par angeilbabe67771 il y a 4 ans
hey bon jeux d'acteur sérieux bravo moi je fais de la vidéo donc je peux me permettre de dire que la votre et super cool dément bravo les gars ( et les fille lol )
j'adore bon travail ^^
Par jean-louis parking il y a 4 ans
Ouh yeah ça tue :) Franchement j'adore. Continuez !
Par Moi il y a 4 ans