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    CS Sunday: San Bruno Explosion

    Clean Skies News

    by Clean Skies News

    The San Bruno natural gas pipeline explosion left at least four people dead, and brought renewed calls for uniformed regulations for the country's antiquated pipeline system. Clean Skies Sunday talks with an expert on how the system works now, what should be done, and what the future may look like to make sure these pipelines are safe. Representative Jim Oberstar - chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure committee - discusses the changes he believes are needed to make these pipelines safe from the moment they're put in the ground and for years to come. Then, CSS heads overseas to France. Many around the world criticize nuclear power but that country relies mostly on nuclear for its energy. The French say it's clean burning, efficient and emits no carbon. Tyler Suiters shows us how Areva is making nuclear work across the pond. While in West Virginia, one utility is trying its hand at making coal a cleaner fuel. Dan Goldstein tours the AEP carbon capture and storage facility. Plus, the scoop on a new puppy poop power park in Massachusetts. And what if you drive a diesel engine vehicle, but can't find a gas station? Or if you have a bio-fuels based car, but nowhere to fill up? Argonne National Lab says no problem. Lee Patrick Sullivan shows us the results of new engine technology that could solve all your fuel needs - the omnivorous engine.