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    Vailios Manolis

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    887 προβολές | The beauty of Thassos island is certainly a great opportunity to enjoy nature. Rich forests of pine, fir and black, and land cultivated with olive trees cover the entire surface of the island and the picturesque villages revealed one after another. The Potamia the Virgin Mary, the Port capital of Thassos, the Rachoni the Prinos, the Kazaviti, the Redeemer, the Kallirachi, the Maries, Limenaria, the Castle, the Potos, the Theologian, the Astris, Aliki and Kinira. And while the gaze is lost in the landscape provided a frisk for lost time in the vastness of the Aegean sea. Inlets, beautiful beaches, wild cliffs and caves arcane promise unique emotions. White marble, famous honey, excellent olive oil, olive Thasitiki, and oil, showing the undeniable richness of the island. And presents the greatest wealth of historical and cultural background of Thassos island over the centuries.
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