03 Devil's Planet 2


by R_M

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The second half of my reconstruction of this missing episode, made using stills, video clips and the surviving soundtrack.

Well, I say "my"... Due to the lack of John Cura tele-snaps, many of the images I've used are composites from Loose Cannon's excellent reconstruction. However, I have made some modifications, including new shots from Day of Armageddon (the most recently recovered missing episode).

I have the soundtrack in two forms, narrated (by Peter Purves) and non-narrated. I have combined the two so that the narration is present only where I deem it necessary. The sound quality varies due to some severe crackling on the off-air soundtrack. Restoration wiz Mark Ayres has cut around this as much as possible, using patches from other recordings to cover it, reducing the affected areas to less than half.

The picture quality also varies, so I wouldn't recommend watching this full screen!

The complete soundtrack is available on CD from BBC Audio. Support the BBC releases!