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    Attacks disrupt Afghan elections


    by ODN


    A string of attacks hit Afghanistan's parliamentary election, after the Taliban vowed to disrupt a poll that is a crucial test for the credibility of the government and security forces.

    Voters appeared hesitant to go to polling stations after a series of rocket strikes in provincial centres across the country, as well as one which landed near the US embassy and the headquarters of Nato-led forces in central Kabul about three hours before polls opened.

    A Taliban attack near a polling station in the north killed one Afghan soldier and six pro-government militiamen, police said.

    Two Afghan election observers were wounded by an explosion inside a polling centre in eastern Khost province, a Taliban stronghold near the Pakistan border.

    Significant security failures would be a major setback, with Washington watching closely before US President Barack Obama conducts a war strategy review in December likely to examine the pace and scale of US troop withdrawals.