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    EUROPINION — On Starting Oil Production in Northern Norway


    by NTDTelevision

    “I’ve been up there, like twice, and it’s very beautiful up there. They have a lot of wildlife, a lot of birds and I know that the people that live there are very proud of the area as well and I think that they should keep it because they should preserve the nice area that we have.”

    “I’m not directly opposed to it, but we need to be sure that if we do it we do it correctly.”

    “Yeah compared to what happened in the States—so we have to be absolutely sure I think. Well if there is an accident and oil is getting out, you know it harms the fishing and crab fish and everything for years.”

    “So I’m against oil drilling in the North because there has to be a time when we stop oil production being the one, the only and biggest way we earn money in Norway.”

    “Yeah Norway should do that. If they get a lot of oil they should take some of the money and give to poor countries, so they can become independent.”

    NTDNews, Oslo, Norway