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    Clip1 Images of Indians

    Phil Lane

    by Phil Lane

    This Television Series with, the late Will Sampson, examines how stereotypes and Hollywood's depiction of Native North Americans perpetuate prejudice; how the movie industry's misrepresentation of Native history, customs and language affects everybody; contemporary Native issues; how Native tribes have contributed to North American Life; and the effect of government policies on "the Indian problem" during settlement times.
    Part 1: The Great Movie Massacre
    Part 2: How Hollywood Wins the West
    Part 3: Warpaint & Wigs
    Part 4: Heathen Injuns & The Hollywood Gospel
    Part 5: The Movie Reel Indians
    This Series is Available with A Curriculum Guide for Jr & Sr High School College&University Contact or 1-604-542-8991

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