John James and Josie Share a Shower

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It's day two of the Glee task and John James and Josie shower together.


John shared a shower with Josie early on too, I think he probally acted a bit boyish in this clip cos the other H/Ms were there too, so he had to try to control himself or he would have got excited ( if you know what i mean lol ) on the other hand if they had been on their own in their own apartment say , well all i can say is " STEAMY WINDOWS "lol
By mamajean 4 years ago
No wonder john is sitting down , he probally could do with a COLD shower lol
By mamajean 4 years ago
i dont ever remember john share a shower with any other girl in the house apart from josie he was showering with her from week 1
By lorweir 4 years ago
Awwww i loved it when he would go all giggly around her.......sooooo droable :)
By Nadinee1 4 years ago
if this is day 2 glee task then it is a couple of days after josie tells john she likes him :)
By jennacr 4 years ago
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