Josie, do you think our friendship is fake?

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Sam Pepper, John James and Josie discuss John James and Sam Pepper's argument from the night before. Day 66


mandy 32 u r so right! we need night 59. also does anyone have any late night feed of night 48?
By lambbah 4 years ago
thanks verymuchappreciated...i have seen those clips over and over again...but I'm hopeing james32 might have more/longer clips from those days.
As he had so much clips from the fire exit drama he practically upload the live feed from the whole day. Which is very much appreciated on my seen clips that were never shown.
I'll just have to wait and see.
Thanks again.
By smileybabe_1 4 years ago
Smiley Babe - TripleJupdates has a few videos of the separation punishment, 1 link below. But somewhere on here there is someone who has other videos where john is saying how he thought it would'nt be as hard as it is and that if BB continued the punishment he would have to leave but i currently can't find it.
By verymuchappreciated 4 years ago
Loving the videos, do you have any of night 59 when apparently something DID go on under the covers, as john gets up to wash his hands!! :)
By mandy32 4 years ago
whoop new videos xx part 2 maybe :P x
By RedLadyBug91 4 years ago
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