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    KB Home violates the FTC Consent Order


    by LemonMeister

    KB Home admits the house is full of mold. KB Home says they have never been in any house for as much time as this one trying to fix it. KB Home CEO Jeffrey Mezger was notified by certified mail over 20 months ago about the black mold infestation. The FTC Consent Order against KB Home orders KB Home to repair within a timely manner. Do you think 20 months just to finally acknowledge the mycotoxins is timely? It took them 6 weeks to show up after the ceiling caved in the kitchen after a rain to work on it. That was timely too. A KB Home Sucks. After 8 days of the upstairs were being ripped apart KB Home admits they were no closer to find the source of the creaky floorboards. The glue they used was toxic and poison. KB Did not offer the homeowner alternative accommodations.