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    Weird and wonderful make record book


    by ODN


    A number of world records have been achieved for a host of weird and wonderful feats, some of which are simply down to nature.

    The newly crowned dog with the longest tongue is one of a number of unusual facts checked and documented by Guinness World Records (GWR).

    Some other extraordinary records include: Fluffy the reticulated python from Columbus Zoo, Ohio who becomes the longest snake in captivity, slithering in at 24ft.

    Jack Russell Anastas also makes it into the record books for taking less than a minute to burst the record for the fastest time to pop 100 balloons. The Californian canine took the title in an impressive 44.49 seconds.

    Stephen Parkes, 44, from Nottingham, scooped the record for the largest collection of Smurf memorabilia in the world - his stash totalling a whopping 1,061 items.

    Mario's Cafe Bar in Bolton cooked up the record Largest Commercially Available English Breakfast which includes six rashers of bacon, six sausages, four eggs, six slices of bread, five black puddings, mushrooms, a can of beans and tomatoes, and weighs an average of 2.917kg. It's available for £10.95 but, for free for punters who can eat it in less than 20 minutes without a drink.

    Corby's Patrick Rielly broke the record for Most Football Management Rejection Letters.

    The hapless Scotsman, who between 2000 and 2010 received 46 rejection letters from professional football clubs across the UK, said: "I might of not got my dream job but now I have a world record, every cloud has a silver lining."