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    Apple put prices up for China iPad launch


    by ODN


    Customers buying Apple's iPad in China will have to pay around one fifth more than their US counterparts after the tablet made it's mainland debut in the country.

    The Chinese iPad ranges from 3,988 yuan ($593 US Dollars) for the 16GB version to 5,599 yuan ($832 US Dollars) for the 64GB, a 20 per cent mark-up on US prices.

    However, the inflated price tag did not deter customers. Fanatics started queuing at the flagship store in Beijing as early as Tuesday evening to be the first to get their hands on the new gadget come Friday.

    Angela Li, from Beijing, said she stood outside of the store for ten hours overnight to take part in the iPad frenzy, a landmark in China's growing Apple culture.

    "Apple's philosophy is about innovation and humanity, and I appreciate the contribution they are making to the world. I think Apple is an attitude for life, a life philosophy," she said.

    Members of the crowd were allowed in one by one at around 8am, two hours prior to the store's normal opening time, and were limited to buying two iPads per customer.

    Nevertheless it is believed that product sales of the iPad will reach seven million units by the end of the year.