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West Texas Woman

7 jaar geleden166 views

The song is by Alex Moore.
I'm using an oldfashioned low C harp here, the one that was favoured by Sonny Boy 'Rice Miller' Williamson.
It's a low-down beast..


I met a woman in west Texas, she'd been left by herself all alone
I met her at the cow's crossing, where I wasn't even known

She fell for me, a raggy stranger, standing in the drizzling rain
She said: I follow you, though I don't even know your name

We snugged closely together, muddy water round our feet
No place too call home, wet, hungry and nothing to eat

She said: I care for you daddy, but I love no man better than I do myself
But I have a mind to care, a heart to love like anyone else

The wolves howled till midnight, wild ox moan till day
The man in the moon looked down on us, but has nothing to say