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    The Key to Time Trailer (DW/WOWP Crossover)


    by John_Sayers

    This is a trailer for my fanfiction crossover story "The Key to Time" on It's a Doctor Who/Wizards of Waverly Place.

    The Daleks have broken the Time Lock and have escaped in "Exodus of the Daleks" and now the Doctor and the only two humans to have survived, Alex Russo and Harper Finkle, set out to find the Key to Time and save the universe. Along the way they join forces with the Alliance, a force made up of Sontarans, Rutans, Judoon, Pyroviles, Sycorax and Atraxi. The Time Lords find out the Daleks have a tunnel out of the Time Lock and try to steal the tunnel for themselves. The Trickster comes and tells the Doctor that there is a girl at the heart of it all and she is part of the key to saving everything. The Key to Time can save everything, but behind everything going on it seems someone or something is pulling the strings.

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