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    Zac Efron shows off new beard


    by ODN


    Zac Efron has been taking styling tips from The Hangover star Zach Galifianakis declaring the hairy actor as "inspiration" for his new beard.

    "I want to keep growing it so I look as cool as him," the 22-year-old said.

    The High School Musical star added: "It could be for a role, I'm not sure we'll see what the director thinks."

    While Zac admitted he was shaping his stubble on Galifianakis, his Charlie St Cloud co-star, British actor Augustus Prew thought he looked like another overgrown celebrity.

    "Joaquin Phoenix, look-a-like? Is that really mean?" the 22-year-old asked.

    The Hollywood heartthrob got a noisy welcome in London's Leicester Square on Thursday night at the premiere of his new film, The Life And Death of Charlie St Cloud.

    Director Burr Steers said Zac's fans are everywhere: "When we were shooting the movie, in the mornings we would have to send somebody out to negotiate with the kids so they wouldn't ruin our takes."

    Charlie St Cloud is released in October.