Big Society and Common Purpose - The Same Agenda

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Video showing how I think the 'Big Society' is the same idea as the sinister organisation known as 'Common Purpose'.
David Cameron trumpets the 'Big Society' as if it is a really new idea.
In truth it is another name for 'communitarianism' and is being FORCED on us and everone else across Europe and the world.
I urge you to find out about this sinister plan, especially if you have children, as it will consume their whole lives if people do not fight it.
Please view websites, such as 'UK Column' and see for yourselves what others have planned for us all.
We cannot ignore it.

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This is being introduced by stealth, during this time of upheaval.
Whilst you are all running around panicking about losing your jobs, etc, Cameron and Co will be installing this UNDEMOCRATIC system into your local communities.
Don't believe me?
Perhaps you should stop watching brain-dead television such as X-Factor, then you'd see things.
By UKPropaganda 4 years ago