Mega Man Zero S rank in 34:03 part1


by yann

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Author's comments:
Some people on the SDA forum wanted a few stats on each run so here goes:

-Goal: Get an S-rank every stage
-No deaths
-Takes damage to save time.
-No glitches (don't know any helpful glitches)
-A gameboy player + VCR was used to capture the run.
-and at Gorash's request: "This video was made without additional electronic aid."

-I would like to thank McBAIN because he is one of the few people who is willing to talk strategy about the Mega Man Zero series.


coment ta fais pou filme repond moi stp stp
By gohan-3 7 years ago
Somw of us have nothing better to do!!
By SEDA VE EMRE 7 years ago