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    What Is Ashmax .Ashmax Explained.Ashmax Is an exciting program developed to help everyone make a monthly income for life.Just do three steps in 20 days and get an income for life.This simple FREE tool, known as Ashmax, was designed for everyone and to guarantee their success in their home business becoming financially free. You do not need technical knowledge. all you have to do is bring in 5 people within 20 days, that's it! It's so simple that anyone can do it. The rules are get 5, and you're done, but there are advantages to continuing marketing this. One is, for every 5 people you bring in per week, that's $100 bonus. 10=$200, 15=$300 etc. etc. etc. The other is you are contributing in making the matrices fill that much faster. As people spillover to you, you can spill people over to others. This is real teamwork.