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    Illinois Oil Wells for Sale


    by nancyjackin

    This video is about a new drilling site in Illinois. We are working 24 hours on three shift basis a day with nearly ten hard working employees. The oil exploration begins with drilling a well when a location is identified for oil reserve. A hole of 13cm to 76 cm wide is drilled with an oil rig turning a drill bit. After that, a metal pipe or the well casing smaller than the hole is inserted into the hole. The casing is perforated in the reservoir rock to enable the formation to flow into the well bore. The oil-water mixture is pumped to the surface through a production pipe located inside the well casing pipe.
    The current oil production will secure a new partner’s acquisitions cost in 3 months to 1 years according to how much amount of oil really is there. We are looking for active oil investors for expansion of this multi million dollar oil filed here in Illinois.Call, e mail or visit for further details.