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    Charles Thompson (R-OK) US House Candi. Would Had Stood ...


    by arlenearmy

    Charles Thompson - Oklahoma GOP candidate for US congress (Dist2) responded that he would NOT had voted to censure Joe Wilson (R-South Carolina.) There are 5 US House members from Oklahoma (4 are republicans & 1 is a democrat): 1. John Sullivan (R) - Dist #1 2. Frank Lucas (R) - Dist #3 3. Tom Cole (R) - Dist #4 4. Mary Fallin (R) - Dist #5 5. Dan Boren (D) - Dist #2 Roll call vote: Democrat - Dan Boren was the only US congressman from Oklahoma to vote to censure Joe Wilson. The roll call vote was held on September 15, 2009 As Obama was being booed, Joe Wilson shouted "YOU LIE" to Obama's Sept. 9, 2009 healthcare speech. The House democrats pushed for a vote in the house to censure Joe Wilson. Ironically, Dan Boren, broadcasts that Obama isn't popular in Oklahoma & that his constituents don't like Obama. Yet Boren follows in lock step w/the democrats to appease Obama by punishing Joe Wilson. Charles Thompson is the Oklahoma GOP candidate running for US Congress against Democrat incumbent Dan Boren in November 2010. Distributed by Tubemogul.