Fire Escape Day John James and Josie Chat in Bed Part 8

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John James explains to Josie why he didn't know she fancied him before fire escape day.


that's because she told everyone else she fancied him, but when she spoke to him, it was really only to say it's nice to be cared about or u look good in a football shirt! I don't think she knew how strong her own feelings were till much later. He's the type of guy that needs it spelled out in b&w to believe it, he's not arrogant enough to assume her feelings must be really deep because I look good! I think he would have waited until out of the house to really speak to her if things hadn't kept escalating in the house.
By orwells_farm 4 years ago
strange how his was probably the ONLY one in the whole house who didn't know Josie has very very deep feelings for him.
By uvhater 4 years ago