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    Era of the Stalker


    by BluRavenHouvener

    Back in 2003 I first saw the "Evil Dead" prequel(of sorts) "Within the Woods", and was inspired to make my own little independent film featuring my own Horror characters loosely based off of some of the comics I draw. So some friends and I over the rest of that year filmed as much as we could, and over time momentum really died down to the point where there the parts that were already filmed just sat around until early this year when I ran across em again and started editing the pieces together. For the most part they didn't withstand the test of time too well, there're some gliches that were un-editable, but as always I did what I could and am passing the viewing experience off to you now. So sit back, enjoy, and be sure ta' have a' light on, because I don't want any of ya' gettin' too scared, haha...
    DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to any of the music in this film, aside from the songs performed by St.Nic of Detroit, who provided permission to use them.