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    Braun Spartan Crossover Ambulance


    by penncare1

    A video that shows a new ambulance using a Braun box on a Spartan Furion fire truck type chassis. This is a specialized emergency vehicle (also called the Braun Patriot) that combines the features of a fire, rescue and transport vehicle onto a single chassis. The front of the vehicle is a fully functioning fire truck able to hold 200 gallons of water and equipped with a Compressed Air Foam System that can dispense up to 15 gallons of foam. The rear of the vehicle features a full-sized ambulance box with plenty of headroom and a spacious interior for the paramedic crew.The vehicle gives emergency services the added flexibility of being able to respond to nearly any call and lets them get more out of their emergency vehicle in the long run. The specific vehicle shown in this video is currently in use by the Pattonville Fire Department located in St. Louis County, Missouri. Contact Penn Care at 1-800-392-7233 or for more details.