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    Arnold Schwarzenegger Considers Bullet Train for California


    by NTDTelevision

    Hollywood star and California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has wrapped up a trip to Japan. While in Tokyo, he took a ride on the bullet train, considering whether to bring it back to California.

    Japan is blowing its Shinkansen horn for the U.S. and California, with the governor known as the "Terminator" taking a ride on its high-speed bullet train Tuesday.

    The $165 billion world rail market is estimated to grow over 2 percent a year, while the U.S. market is seen as one of the most promising due to the Obama government's stimulus plan with $8 billion in high-speed provisioning.

    California was awarded $2.25 billion of that amount, and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger met with Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan Monday, who promoted the Japanese technology model.

    The former film star, on the second leg of an Asian trade mission that took him earlier to China and next to South Korea, says California wants to build a rail system like Japan's between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

    [Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, California]:
    "The prime minister has, you know, made a very good presentation and talked about high-speed rail, how important high-speed rail is for Japan, and how helpful they could be to California, to help us build the high-speed rail."

    California has seen its financial problems crimp its ability to move ahead with projects such as high-speed rail, and the Asian tour is seen as a way to sound out development proposals and possible financing.

    Schwarzenegger has made many visits to Japan over the years, but likely won't be back as California governor, as his current term ends in November.