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    Incessant Rains Cause Flash Floods Across India


    by NTDTelevision

    In India, monsoon rains this year have caused floods in various parts of the country. Nearly 30 villages in Haryana state are under floodwaters, while residents of New Delhi are relieved after flood water started receding.

    At least 30 villages in India's Haryana state have been inundated by floodwaters and national highways have been damaged.

    The water level in the Yamuna River crossed the danger mark following heavy rains. Locals are facing problems as water has submerged fields and road links alike.

    The chief of the state visited flood-hit areas of Yamunanagar on Monday... announcing compensation for flood victims.

    [Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Chief of Haryana]:
    "We will conduct a survey for the losses occurred to the homes, farmlands and we will also give compensation to them. We have the previous data for the floods but the new one is yet to be decided."

    Villagers are very worried about where things stand.

    [Ravi, Local]:
    "There are 10-20 villages which are drowned in flood water. The water is overflowing even from the streams of the rivers. Everybody is scared of this situation. The authorities are not looking into the matter at all."

    Meanwhile, locals staying close to Yamuna River in New Delhi breathed a sigh of relief on Tuesday, after the water started receding.

    [Roshan, Local]:
    "People are coming out of their homes. The problem of flood has reduced and even vehicles have started moving on the roads. We were very tense till today but now the water level has reduced."

    Nearly 2,000 families had to be evacuated after the gushing waters inundated several low-lying areas.

    This year monsoon rains have caused extensive floods in several parts of northern India like Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.