Straight Talk Tackles the Unlimited Plan at just $45/month.

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Straight Talk's unlimited plan seeks to minimize the costs for customers. You get unlimited minutes/texts/data plus calls to 411 for only $45/month. The less superficial advantages of Straight Talks plan are nationwide coverage on the Verizon network, great customer support, and excellent service and variety of phones. Savings has become an important aspect to cell phone users and Straight Talk feels no differently.


I am no longer a spring chicken and need something that is reliable and cost effective as I need more special attention I am 81 yrs old and need to know that is I have an emergancy I can get a signal and I do not have to top up as I used my airtime. I use Straight Talk and they cover all my needs perfectly.
By WildBillFernS 3 years ago
I could not believe it when I found out that Straight Talk was on the Verzion network. That is what sold me. Verizon is America's number one network and combined with ST's $45 a month unlimited plan, it is just too good to pass up.
By leslieRP 3 years ago
Just switched over to Straight Talk. Unlimited talk/ text/ and data seems too good to be true for $45 a month. After 2 months with them, I am really happy I made the switch. They are cheap, dependable, and offer good quality service and phones. Happy with my decision overall. Don't plan on changing any time soon.
By MissMIA786 3 years ago
I am really impressed with straight talk. I thought I would never get this clear of a reception with a prepaid phone! The customer service was really helpful and nice also. I had to switch to a prepaid service because i couldnt pay anymore of my monthly bills because they were just too expensive. The 30 dollar a month straight talk plan was the best plan that I could find!
By Rubiksbaby 3 years ago
Great deal is the $45 a month unlimited from Straight Talk. I never paid that amount in the 12 yrs I was with the other cell company. Now, I have freedom to get other cellphones from ST and give them as gifts so that family/firends can know how much they are going to save. I've been with ST for 4 month and have saved. At Wal-mart you can find these cellphones and their economical plans. Stop and ask questions about Straight Talk like I did.
By memey24 3 years ago
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