Fire Escape Day John James and Josie Chat in Bed Part 6


by james32_

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defo kissing @0:53 x
By RedLadyBug91 5 years ago
James you are defiantley a star!! At 00:53 Am I hearling things or was that the slightest but quietest peck ???? Keep them comming :)
By Shanz1995 5 years ago
James32 YOU ARE A STAR this is so much better than BB HL they could have made a good show soooooooo much better
By gettinangry 5 years ago
Have u got the night time wen he tells her he feels the same?? :) love the vids keep them coming :-) xx
By mandy32 5 years ago
i love you james32! thanks!
By lambbah 5 years ago
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