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    Passover, We Can Survive Through the Passover-God the Mother


    : kuchingpeter

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    God the Mother Heavenly Mother Christ Ahnsahnghong World Mission Society Church Of God
    Nowadays many disasters happen around us.
    If we try to be careful to avoid from disaster, we can't live as normal life.
    So, We should find the method for avoiding from disaster.

    There are lots of disasters like earthquake, tsunami, 2009 flu pandemic etc..
    But amazing fact is that all these things have been prophesied in the bible.

    we don't need to be afraid of this. Because God has promised us to save with the passover.
    The passover is a feast of God. And the passover means disasters pass over us.
    We can see many examples in the bible. ( Ex 12:1-13, 2 Ch 30:1, 2 Ki 19:30-35)
    I really thank to God because I'm not worried about any disasters.