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    A Woman's Perspective on Penis Size, Part 2


    by asylum

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    Chris Hawkes
    Not only have you never seen a flaccid penis, I'm doubtful you've seen an erect one other than on the internet. Why do so many BUTTER faces post vids on sex topics?! LOL! I lost my erection when I saw your face.
    By Chris Hawkes2 years ago
    I think it’s very shallow to judge a man by his penis size. What if a guy didn’t like a woman because she had small breast? Wouldn't that be shallow? What can a guy do about his penis size, other than have it surgically altered? I’m tired of females snubbing me because I have a 5.7 inch penis; that’s a little more than average anyway. It’s not cheating to measure by pushing in the “fat pad”; not only would I measure 6.3 inches, my female partner feels the full brunt of 6.3 inches; so why is it cheating? In reality, there is no man who has a small penis because all men are average size; saving for medical conditions that are extremely rare. The penis is designed to continually change size for the purpose of protecting it’s precious cargo (sperm). So a female really has no idea whether a man is “small” or not. Not only do guys have to worry about length, but now girth. Keep this up, and men want be able to please a woman if we had bionic parts.
    By jetdry4 years ago