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    "The World of Dinosaurs" Settles on the Slopes of Kyiv, Ukra


    by NTDTelevision

    "The World of Dinosaurs" exhibition has toured across the European Union and arrived in Ukraine. The prehistoric dinosaurs have already receiving extraordinary interest from more than 10 million visitors. Here's more.

    Lttle Misha is one of the first visitors. He learned about dinosaurs from his father.

    [Misha, Young Visitor]: (male, Russian):
    "I know one thing - my dad told me a bedtime story; when a comet fell on the land where dinosaurs lived, it got cold straight away. And the dinosaurs all died."

    Inspired 20 years ago by his son's interest in dinosaurs, Wolfgang Klinger created the "World of Dinosaurs" touring exhibit.

    German scientists constructed 25 prehistoric reptiles.

    [Wolfgang Klinger, Exhibition Organizer]: (male, English)
    "They were all the heroes of my son, because he was the only one in school who could say, 'my father has 25 dinosaurs'."

    Models continue to be refined according to the latest scientific information.

    Now the dinosaurs are realistic in color, and often even in size.

    Diplodocus stands in full size - almost 30 meters or 98 feet high.

    Scientists say Diplodocus had 2 brains, one in the skull and the other at the end of its tail ridge, to control the tail and limbs.

    Apatozavr had the same adaptation.

    The exhibition guide says Apatozavr's brain was no larger than a ping-pong ball, and the dinosaur slept standing up.

    [Tatiana Ogorodnik, Guide]: (female, Ukrainian)
    "Apatozavr's knees had 'locks' that closed the legs at night, so the dinosaur did not fall over when sleeping."

    The exhibition shows possible scenes from the lives of dinosaurs. Some exhibits portray predator attacks and dinosaurs fighting.

    In the years of famine, some dinosaurs even ate their young.

    But not all are violent. These are peaceful Stirakozavrs - caring, family dinosaurs.


    [Anna Ogorodnik, Guide]: (female, Ukrainian.):

    The exhibition will remain in Kiev until November, when it will move to Lviv.

    NTD News, Kyiv, Ukraine.