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    Brian Haw

    by Brian Haw

    Parliament Square Peace Campaign (PSPC) Leaders Babs Tucker and Brian Haw repel a take-over bid of their Green Zone by agent provocateurs - working for corrupt British Government in concert with corrupt police et al - The Green Zone opposite the British Parliament, that PSPC won at High Court of Appeal, is intact and clear of pirates, bandits and corrupt pretend 'peace campaigners'. The fight continues, we go forward to win. Brian Haw this time was 'arrested' for being Innocent, much of the World will understand how this happens. We need a Universal System of Justice for All, we need most of the World's good people to do what they can to make this happen. Take a look at this video and say who the criminals are. Then take a bigger look at the World. Then please do something to make change for the better, thank you. Brian W Haw.