Fire Escape Day -- John James goes back to the Diary Room

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John James returns from the diary room, listens to Josie, JJ and Corin talking, then returns to the diary room.


At 00:11 Johns foot was up on the bed, now JJ walks round the bottom of the bed and must have climbed over John to get in bed with Josie.In the next shot at 00:46 JJ is lying in bed with her , with Corin sat at the bottom of the bed at the foot of Josie. There was room for JJ to sit at the opposite end of the bed nearer to John, I think both Corin & John seemed suprised at JJ, getting in bed , and I dont think John could stand to see him in there with his girl, the result being at 02:26 John just got up and without saying a word went back into the diary room. John spoke about Rachael being in the bath with Josie and him feeling jealous of that, so seeing his idol in bed with his woman, I dont think he could handle it.
By mamajean 4 years ago
I think john just wanted to talk to josie on her own but couldnt at that time cause jj2 and corin was still there, but also seeing jj2 in bed with josie did something to him i think, and if he didnt get the chance to explain his feelings to josie quickly , then he had the risk of jj2 moving in. I think how he explained to jj2 in the bedroom before the fire escape , was just the same as how i understood the situation, that he didnt want to lead her on , no wonder josie thought that because she told him she fancied him he did a runner cause thats how it looked to be also.. thank god he managed to explain the truth eventually.
By mamajean 4 years ago
James you are an absolute star with this videos. Sending big hugs your way xxxxxx
By welshllady 4 years ago
You can tell that John is emotionaly drained and still very upset. I would love to have known what he was thinking.
By xxDaxxwn 4 years ago
Get a banana, banana's make you happy !! haha corin
By emii_babes 4 years ago
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