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    New Delhi Survives Flood Threat


    by NTDTelevision

    Locals living close to the Yamuna River in New Delhi breathe a sigh of relief on Monday when the water started receding.

    The water level in the river was above the danger mark following heavy rains.

    Nearly 2,000 families had to be evacuated from several low-lying areas and the Commonwealth Games athletes' village was also threatened.

    Though the water is still flowing above the danger mark locals say they are happy to see the level falling.

    [Sonam, Shopkeeper]:
    "We had to close our shops due to the threat of flooding over the past two days. We have incurred heavy losses. We were helpless. It's nature's fury, and we have to face it. But now it's good that the water has receded. We can open our business tomorrow."

    Meanwhile, the flood situation upstream in Haryana state remains grim, where waters of the Yamuna River have destroyed crops.

    [Ram Manohar, Local Resident]:
    "Our houses have been destroyed, we have received no help from the authorities. We have nothing left to eat. We all are staying in a Sikh shrine."

    At least 30 villages in Haryana have been inundated by floodwaters and major highways are damaged.

    This year, the monsoon has caused flooding in several parts of northern and central India.