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    by nwbetterair145

    10 views | Better Air NW Reviews VERY IMPRESSED!! I had Better Air NW take care of the Duct Cleaning in my home in Portland. I am so glad we had chose Better Air NW. They came right away and had done a marvelous job. I was so surprised to see all the dirt and debre they extracted from my vents. No wonder I was constantly dusting my furniture. Now the air really is fresh. I know it must make my central air conditioning system more efficient. I was very impressed with Matt the owner who made sure everything was done to perfection. I have made it a point to tell all my neighbors about Better Air NW. I actually noticed their service vehicle at one of our neighbors the other day. I want to say I am very happy with the job they did. I would recommend them to everyone I know. Thanks BetterAIrNW EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS.!!!! AAAA+ Clean Heating & Cooling Air Ducts & Vents Better Air NW did clean my air ducts through out my home. They did go above and beyond and my expectations. I think they exceeded my expectations. I would difinitely hire them again. Their friendliness was tremendous. My kids did hang on him for a little bit, they even taught my kids some things, and they were very kind to my entire family. Thank you. THE CREWS WERE KNOWLEDGEABLE.!!! YES Project: Clean Heating & Cooling Air Ducts & Vents The project was completed excellently. Three men showed up for the work and they worked efficiently all the way through for the entire 5 hours. I have 28 vents and 5 returns. While they were still working on the job, the air started to smell better. I had a huge problem with raccoons living in the crawl space, although pest control guys were able to get rid of them the smell still stayed. Matt, the owner, offered to repair vent openings with minor charges. Their charges are the best in town. The crews were knowledgeable, very conscientious, and friendly. I would use them again and highly recommend their service. KS, Lake Oswego NOTICE: The reviewer of this business is an actual customer. This ...