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    Activists Protest Arrest of Chinese Fishing Boat Captain


    by NTDTelevision

    On Monday, nine activists from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan left for the Senkaku islands, known as Diaoyutai in Taiwan. It comes a week after Japan arrested a Chinese fishing boat crew in the disputed waters.

    Ahead of their departure, a news conference was held to claim sovereignty and fishing rights.

    [Diaoyutai Defender from Taiwan]:
    “Whenever our Taiwanese fishing boats are hit by Japan, Diaoyutai defenders from Hong Kong and China have all helped us to protest against them, so this time, our main purpose is to back them up. We demand Japan to release the Chinese fishing boats and the crew members.”

    The group plans to place a Taiwanese flag on the island.

    Japan freed 14 crew members of a Chinese fishing boat that entered the disputed territory. It is unclear what will become of the arrested captain.

    [Chan Miutak, Activist from Hong Kong]:
    "Now we wish that both governments across the strait would come out and demand Japan to first release our people, and then make clear of the island's sovereignty. We should take it back if it belongs to us."

    The group is also planning a protest on Tuesday morning, in front of the de-facto Japanese embassy in Taipei.