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    CS Sunday: A New Wave of Solar?

    Clean Skies News

    by Clean Skies News

    In the 1970's President Carter placed solar panels on the roof of the White House. Taken down during renovations in the Carter Years, the panels found a new home in a closet at Unity College. Now students want President Obama to use the panels to heat his home. We'll hear from those students on why it's important to them, and do those panels really work after 35 years? And Clean Skies News talks to Jay Hakes, an alumnus of the Carter Administration and the current director of the Carter Presidential Library. He tells us about the push to use solar decades ago, why it didn't catch on, and if a new push to solar is worth it today. And is the U.S. sitting on a gold mine of natural gas in shale formations? Experts say yes. Enough to last a century. Other countries think so too. Susan McGinnis looks into the international attention American technology is getting.