@jpwill87 I am not proud of my "DON'T WATCH" series. I typically put more thought into them and am not as sholow as to be such a typecaster. I reviewed all cn real shows, but tower prep. Frankly, it looks stupid from just watching the trailers. I made this prior to the premear of Tower prep in an atempt to raise awairness. I keep it up for arcival purposes but don't care about this video any more.
By catholiccontriversy 5 years ago
Dude, you kinda suck at this.
If you are gonna criticize a show you should have a basic knowledge of the show so that you can point out its flaws. You can't just say that "Its not a cartoon so it sucks!" and expect to be taken seriously as a reviewer.
I am not saying that you should rush out and watch the show, if did not like the past live action shows that cartoon network did you probably won't like this one, but you can't just say that it sucks and expect to be taken seriously as a reviewer without actually being able to point out the flaws you see in the show.
By jpwill87 5 years ago