SVC Phone by Tracfone


by PrepaidPrincess



My old contract phone really ripped me off. They actually took out money from my account even after i had closed the account with them. They were just totally out for my money and i had to report them to the FCC. Now i use SVC because i know since it is prepaid, i am getting the best deal out there and I am not paying for monthly bills or contracts.
By pauliebb335 years ago
SVC truly is the best option for seniors. Their minute bundles are more realistic as far as what a senior is going to use. It allows for a senior to get buy less minutes and spend less money and have those minutes for emergency. My dad barely uses 20 minutes a month so svc is the best choice for him. He only spends around $7 a month.
By PegLegPete15 years ago
A piece of mind is what I have with SVC for seniors. I ran into a problem with my dad's cellphone and got it disconnected. The cellphones are liable to a person that lives my themselves. That day he fell and I found out when I went to see him, immediately I called my brother and we both agree on getting a SVC cellphone. The fall was not life threaten but could have been worse. Now I know that he can call me anytime of day or night I also purchase like a necklace to hang the cellphone and he likes it. He charges the phone at night and is happy with his SVC. My brother and I take care of the calling card and all. We are at ease with SVC.
By mysticmey5 years ago
I love the fact that my grandfather actually calls us with his cell phone now. He lives off of his savings so he's really reluctant to waste money and he was on a contract plan that cost him 45 bucks a month so he never wanted to use it. Now he pays 18 a month and he isn't afraid to use it at all, plus it never drops a call.
By rcaldos75 years ago
Old folks love this phone from my understanding. I live near a retirement community and do community service there a lot and one of the older gentleman at the establishment always brags to me about his SVC cell phone(I'm not sure if he realizes that i have one too).
By RockOndude35 years ago
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