Senior Value Cell Phone


by PrepaidPrincess



This is a great deal for seniors who do not want or need the latest technology. This is a simple cheap phone so that they can be in touch when they need to be, at a very low cost
By songbird325 years ago
SVC from Tracfone and the Samsung T155 is great for just $7 a month. I have the best grandmother and just wanted her to have the best I purchase an SVC cellphone at Kmart and she is so hapy. I can't believe how an SVC cell can make someone so interested in having a cellphone. Thanks SVC and Tracfone.
By chanmay5 years ago
SVC is such a great deal for seniors. I want to get one of these phones for my gran. The keys are nice and nice big which would make texting so much easier for her. Seniors don't need all the bells and whistles - they just need to be able to stay in touch with family and friends... AFFORDABLY.
By Pashles1015 years ago
the truth is that a lot pf our parents/grandparents don't need to have some state of the art complicated smartphone. So this is why i got my grandma the tracfone service. she can pay as she talks, and the service only starts at $7, WTHHH, that is truly wildd.
By idesignRe5 years ago
Got my Mom an SVC for Christmas against her will and boy within a day she was hooked on having a cell phone! She loves the big numbers and loud sound and the fact that the screen lights up so she can see better! It was the cheapest Christmas gift we gave her and she loves chatting to all her friends and family and the Tracfone airtime with double minutes is for nothing so she's having a ball!
By islay625 years ago
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