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    7 views | Floor Partners complaints We LOVED doing business with Floor Partners in Design!!! Kristen, Sloane and Chris are thrilled with the floor at Yoga Island. It looks beautiful!! Your team with Floor Partners in Design did such a good and fast job. I think they were the only subs who got in and out at the scheduled time! We really appreciate it. And we appreciate your patience when we were considering all the different flooring possibilities. We all loved doing business with Floor Partners and will surely call on you again. Thanks!! DL Designs Dee Logan THANK YOU!!! Good Morning! Your crew has done an amazing job!!! They were all so very polite and answered any questions we had. Thank you, PERFECT FLOOR COMPANY!!! "We’ve done projects for the last two years; we’ve always gone back to Floor Partners because of each experience being ideal. With Floor Partners I can trust the people that they send to my home. The licensed designers at Floor Partners are a pleasure to work with, its fun when a designer gets excited with you. They tell you they’re going to do something they're going to do it. There’s an integrity about them that their word is their word and it’s good. They're just the perfect floor company and we would not go to another one. We would always choose Floor Partners." They're just the perfect floor company... Hurst, TX Thanks You!!!! Dear Mr. Williams, I would like to take a moment to thank you and all your staff for the high quality of carpet service you have provided for the Fort Worth Zoo Education Department. It is always a challenge to get contractors of any kind in and out in a time frame conducive to our hours of operation. This is equally true when working around school groups in our Education building. Your carpeting crew, supervised by Vollie Oliver, managed to do a very professional job from pulling up the old carpet to the final clean up. The entire Education Dept. staff was pleased with the results, as well as the way your crewmen conducted themselves throughout ...