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GUI color scheme assessment tool (Kabuki project prototype)

il y a 8 ans101 views



This tool enables designers to import a screenshot of a GUI that they want to analyse (top left part). The user can check color scheme of this GUI by listing them: automatic color list and name generation; plus other data extraction like percentage of each color, coordinate in several colorspaces, same color group of pixels detection (see the top right part of the tool).
By clicking on a color of the list, the user can visualize its connexions (hue arrangement on the chromatic circle) and/or perceptual distance with the other colors (on the bottom right part of the tool).
A filter tool enables to select a color on the list and to filter directly on the screenshot all the other colors of the GUI. For exemple : a filter shows all the nearest colors of the selected color according to the DeltaE distance, antoher show the contrary. The filter choice and adjustments are made thanks to the bottom left part of the tool with a range slider.

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GUI color scheme assessment tool (Kabuki project prototype)
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