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    New humpback dinosaur discovered


    by ODN


    The fossilised remains of a hitherto unknown dinosaur have been unveiled by palaeontologists in Spain.

    The 20-foot-long, two-footed dinosaur dates from around 125 million years ago and is the earliest member yet discovered of a branch of Carcharodontosauria, the largest predatory dinosaur known to scientists.

    The discovery was reported in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature.

    The fossil, which scientists say is the most complete skeleton of a meat-eater yet, was discovered in the Las Hoyas formation in Cuenca province in central Spain.

    The area has surrendered significant finds dating back to the Lower Cretaceous period of between 120 and 150 (m) million years ago.

    The newly-discovered dinosaur, which is characterised by a hump on its back is thought to be the forerunner of flesh-eating leviathans which once ruled the planet.

    Scientists believe the hump on the dinosaur's back, which was at least 16 inches tall, may have been used to help this meat-eating theropod communicate among its own species.