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    Incessant Rains Cause Flash Floods in Northern India


    by NTDTelevision

    Incessant rains cause flash flood across northern India, crippling normal life and stranding traffic. Scores of families have become homesless and large stretches of agricultural land are under floodwaters. Here's more.

    Monsoon rains swelled India's Yamuna River on Wednesday and brought severe flooding to low-lying areas in parts of northern Haryana state. Normal life has been crippled and people remain stranded in Yamunanagar City.

    Scores of families have become homeless while expansive stretches of agricultural lands have been swallowed by the floodwaters, which show no signs of receding.

    [Sonu Singh, Local]:
    "Water has risen up to eight feet and the elderly and young children are facing lot of problems. Fields and houses are submerged under water. The situation is very bad here and we don't have anything to eat.”

    Many people residing in the low-lying areas are trapped, as the river breached its banks in numerous places.

    Meanwhile, in Ambala City of India's northern Haryana state, the flood situation continues to remain grim. People struggled to find ways to protect themselves while waiting for state assistance to arrive.

    [Brijesh Kumar, Local]:
    "The flow of water since morning is very high and many fields have been damaged, and many of them will soon get damaged."

    This year, monsoons have caused extensive floods in several parts of northern India like Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh bringing devastation to life and property.