Night 4 Part 3 - Brother & sister would be illegal!


by spacebabe76

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John looks so different on this clip to the John we know today ( his appearance on Vanessa ) hair now brown but his face seems to have changed too,
By mamajean 4 years ago
I agree with you KhyraKitten about Govan, I noticed on a couple of clips when he was in the house , that he looked a little jealous of their relationship and didnt seem to like it that they were getting closer, so perhaps it was better he left when he did. I didnt know John had said that Govan had left at the right time though, perhaps he had realised it too .
By mamajean 4 years ago
As Josie is holding pictures of her and John James then rubs their pictures together, like she use to do when their pictures were on the board for save and replace, I think Govan is talking about the pictures kissing rather than meaning Josie and John James actually kissed for real????

I was quite pleased that Govan got evicted as i found him quite sneaky. I think if he would have stayed any longer than he did he had the potential to cause troube for them both, look at the rows he set off between Shabby and Ben. If he would have stayed he would have set more rows off i am sure of that. At the beginning Josie was far closer to Govan than to John James. Him being evicted allowed them to get closer, i doubt any of the football shirt flirting and puppet task flirting would have happened if Govan had stayed as he would have been in the way. John James actually joked that Govan got evicted at the right time. I bet he wasn't joking really, looking back i bet he was quite happy!!!
By KhyraKitten 4 years ago
Govan said at 01:36 brothers and sisters dont kiss, when did josie and john kiss? it was only night 4 so when did it happen ? it must have been on the lips cos josie said her nashers got it the way
By mamajean 4 years ago
This is one of the funniest conversations I have ever heard!!
By JJJforever 5 years ago
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