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    Philippines Bus Hijack Investigation Continues


    by NTDTelevision

    The investigation continues into the deadly bus hostage situation in the Philippines that impacted a bus of Hong Kong tourists. Now, authorities say it is possible that some were killed by bullets intended for the gunman on board the vehicle.

    On Thursday, a Philippines official said that some of the hostages killed during the botched bus hijack rescue operation could have been hit by friendly fire.

    Based on forensic reports, most of the hostages were not shot at close range.

    The bullet trajectory indicates dozens were fired from outside the bus.

    Bus driver Alberto Lubang said the hijacker was shooting at hostages as he walked down the bus aisle.

    "We see from the results of the bullet trajectory examination that there were certain shots that came from afar. Now, not all came from the snipers. We know where the snipers were.”

    De Lima said blood would have been splattered all over the seats and windows of the bus if the hostages were shot at close range.

    "It's just the distance that the bus driver was referring to in his testimony and in his demonstration, it's not consistent.”

    De Lima said the panel would get a much clearer picture after investigators return on Friday from Hong Kong with testimonies from survivors.