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    Sexy and violent Grindhouse Trailers! on Film Fights TV


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    by indymogul

    This week, we got crazy and challenged our Film Fighters to make GRINDHOUSE TRAILERS. You know, like exploitation films - lots of guns, chicks, rock and roll ... the works. Guest host Tonya takes your two favorite films to the HQ of film geniuses Waverly Films, for some expert advice.Welcome to Film Fights TV, The Indy Mogul show where we take two short films from the site Film Fights, and pit them against each other in a battle of epic proportions! Who decides the winner? Random people on the street and YOU, the voting public.We also get expert advice and tips from filmmakers, on how you can make your films better. Maybe in our next episode you'll be seeing your film on the show, too!Learn how to enter Film Fights: more fights coming up: with Indy Mogul:Website: http://www.indymogul.comSubmit: